crosses sumerianChino Moreno has been keeping busy with Deftones and supergroup Palms. But that isn’t stopping the singer from working on his other side project, Crosses †††. In fact, Moreno’s group supposedly found a new label home.

During an interview with Noisey, Moreno revealed that Crosses †††is not only working on its third EP, but has signed to Sumerian Records. When asked what the status was on the group, Moreno replied with the following:

“Crosses has recorded a bunch of material and we have a third EP that’s ready to go. We just signed a deal with Sumerian Records to release it. We’re thinking of putting it out in October and doing a couple shows around then. I’ve also been working with [Stolen Babies drummer] Gil Sharone, [Crosses member] Chuck Doom, and my buddy Todd [Wilkinson], who plays [guitar] in Team Sleep. We always hang out and make music. We all got together for the Guitar Center ‘Drum Off’ that Gil did [in March 2013]. We wrote five or six tunes and played the gig. It’s all instrumental at this point. I just turned 40, and I’ve realized that I like having a regular output of music and doing it consistently, whether it ends up in record format or if it doesn’t come out at all. As much as I can do it now, creating music with other people is definitely fun. It’s my number one hobby. I’m not too much into video games or other things. I like to spend my time creating stuff with friends.”

While Sumerian has yet to official announce news, Lamboat points out that the label’s founder Ash Avildsen has been hinting via Twitter about a “huge” signing. And even though it’s Moreno’s side project (and not Deftones), this is indeed a major grab for the label. This also comes during a time that’s seen Sumerian sign a wide range of artists, from The Dillinger Escape Plan to Ice T’s Body Count. Plus, it’s pretty cool to see that the project will now feature Gil Sharone (also formerly of The Dillinger Escape Plan). The only downside is that we’ll likely have to wait a little longer for Team Sleep’s next effort, as Moreno makes it sound like in the same interview with Noisey.