Wovenwar’s Nick Hipa: Tim Lambesis’ actions weren’t out of character

Posted by on June 20, 2014

Of the victims in the Tim Lambesis plot to have his wife murdered, aside from his wife and kids, we also felt pretty bad for the rest of his bandmates in As I Lay Dying. To have their livelihood taken away from them by their frontman’s poor decision-making skills must have been incredibly sad and frustrating for them. Thankfully, the other members have resurfaced as Wovenwar, and have their debut album coming out on August 5th. In an interview with Metalsucks’ podcast that will be available this Monday, guitarist Nick Hipa revealed that they saw Lambesis changing before their eyes, and weren’t sure how to handle things:

“Any dude in a band … they are very aware of their bandmates’ highs and their lows, the strengths of their characters, and their flaws. You kind of just accept each other for it. I think even to the extent that you’re like, ‘Man, y’know, this dude sucks, but he’s got other things going for him.’ But for us, we started to see the degradation of [Lambesis’] character to [the point where it was] like, ‘There’s nothing really redeeming here. This guy is losing touch. What do we do? This is somebody that we’re involved with on multiple levels.’ And so we just tried to keep things together as well as we could, and not let any of those things ruin the band and what we had built. But when [Lambesis was arrested], I think we were surprised, [but] we weren’t shocked like everyone else. This came out of the blue for everyone else… we did not expect things to go as far as they did, but [what Lambesis did] wasn’t completely out of character.”

Wow. And it looks like that’s that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the site teases that Hipa weighed in on Lambesis’ “Happy Father’s Day” tweet, said that they don’t have a religious agenda in any of Wovenwar’s music, and said that they felt that he needed help beyond anything his friends or family can offer. Seems like it’ll be a compelling listen.

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