Vera Revive share five things that helped them get through the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on May 20, 2021


Vera Revive recently released their new single “Faint” featuring Kingdom of Giant’s Dana Willax. With May being mental health awareness month, we asked the group to list five things that have gotten them through the hard times over this last year from the COVID-19 pandemic.  


01) Writing music. Our guitarist James has written over 20 songs in the last year since the pandemic struck. It’s incredibly cathartic and definitely makes the time go by when I am stuck inside 24/7. 

02) Watching new TV series on Netflix, Hulu & Disney +. Our vocalist John has absolutely loved watching all of “The Mandalorian” as well as checking out new Netflix documentaries like “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel”. 

03) Starting this project. We are incredibly new as far as bands go, we only released our debut song in May 2020. By May, a lot of us had already been sent home from our day jobs to work from home. So we are a band that was born & has thrived in this pandemic. That has definitely helped occupy the time. 

04) Video Games. Our bassist Serg has been enjoying games like the new Final Fantasy 7 remake. We have also been patiently waiting for Resident Evil VIII: Village to come out and occupy more of our time. 

05) Camping, Hiking & Fishing. We’ve done some camping in Utah as well as fishing throughout the state. We’ve also done some rock climbing as well as hiking around Flagstaff, AZ. 





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