Varg – “Bands owe their fans to release new music as scheduled and give them something to look forward to”

Posted by on November 2, 2020



German pagan metallers Varg unleashed their strongest and darkest record to date, Zeichen, this past September via Napalm Records (order here). We caught up with the group to discuss the album and their experience releasing new music during a pandemic. 


What made you want to go to a darker direction with the new album, Zeichen?

Actually there was no plan to go a darker direction, it just turned out that this more authentic viking path we are following with the new album Zeichen is a darker direction than the previous albums.


Due to COVID-19, there seems to be a division between artists who have delayed their new album to releasing the record as planned. What made you go as scheduled with the album’s release date?

Of course financially it makes much more sense to postpone a release date and connect it to a tour that is allowed to happen but in these difficult times, metalheads are suffering a lot with losing activities they love like going to concerts and attending festivals with their friends. In our opinion, bands owe their fans to release new music as scheduled and give them something to look forward to.


What’s the experience like for you releasing new music during a pandemic?

 It feels great to release new music right now. People are longing for something positive and here we are with a new album in these dark times.


What was the process like making the video for “Zeichen?”

We are really happy with how good the director Oliver König realized our vision for the video of “Zeichen.” It took three days to shoot all the scenes and we had to follow the covid-19 protection rules of course, but the final video was worth all this effort, for sure.



Are there any songs that were more challenging to write?

The longest song “Verräter” is also the most personal song of the album. Within it’s 8 minutes, this song is a monster and has so much anger and fire inside that I can feel this burning fire everytime I hear the song. I wouldn’t say it was more challenging to write, but indeed this song is something really special for me.



Do you have any plans for a record release livestream or virtual tour?

Actually no, we are focusing on the “real” tour we will do when this pandemic is over.


What kept you busy during quarantine?

My wife, my son and my 130 year old house, which I am renovating at the moment.


Is there anything else you want to say or add about the new album?

 If you haven’t done yet, check out our new album Zeichen right now!



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