Urn’s Sulphur on ‘Iron Will of Power’ – “Let the music speak itself”

Posted by on September 11, 2019

Urn are gearing up to release their new album, Iron Will of Power, next Friday (20th) via Season of Mist (pre-order here). The record marks another chapter for the group as the band has recruited new members Axelaratörr, Pestilent Slaughter, and Gravementor sometime between their upcoming effort and 2017’s The Burning. Metal Insider contributor Jeff Podoshen reviewed the album as he called it a powerfully solid blackened death record. And now, we recently caught up with Urn’s mastermind Sulphur to talk more about Iron Will Of Power, lineup changes, bringing Urn back to life, and more. 

Iron Will of Power marks a brand new chapter for Urn. You’ve been through a series of lineup changes and with that being said, how has the band having a new set of eyes with Axelaratörr, Pestilent Slaughter, and Gravementor affect the writing process? 

I started songwriting right after the previous album recording and wanted to do things slightly different than before. Basically demanded more from bandmates than just being in a band and playing at rehearsals & gigs. I fuckin’ needed an opinion or replacement for the ideas what I have been delivering. More to be said when a member also works with the songs besides me.

New album is written by me and Axeleratörr. Pestilent Slaughter came in Urn just in between rehearsing progress for the new album. All songs were done at that time and we recorded the album as a trio. Whenever time is ready to do some new material, Pestilent Slaughter will be part of the process. Actually, the new album was recorded nearly a year ago, basically we should have songs for the new album ready by now, but to be honest, I have been at rehearsals twice in this year plus two gigs. I haven’t even touched my guitar. So, the process is laid on ice and waiting for new inspiration and ideas. I have spent more than three years just being creative and doing songs for Urn. I could take all of the leftovers from the previous album writing processes and make two more albums easily. Then we are on the situation where quantity might be on top instead of quality. So, I keep all old stuff on ice and listen to them again in the next century with fresh ears. Maybe… or I just throw them away… never know…

How would you compare the new album to 2017’s The Burning?

Step ahead, aside, but not backwards. We wanted a more epic album and it was nearly the same process for me to do songs for last two albums that needed another songwriter besides me not to have ‘The Burning Number 2’ to offer to listeners.

When the group took a break after 2008’s Soul Destroyers, what convinced you to have Urn reunite?

I did another band but I faced so many line up problems and stuff that I got burnt out. Then, I just said fuck off to that and decided to continue with Urn as people were asking through the years to have us back on the gigs.

What was the overall writing process for the new album?

Challenging. I kinda lived 24/7 around the songs. I built my own studio at the garage and spent all my days there for just playing and recording guitars and vocals. Living 200 km away from the rehearsal place and bandmates makes rehearsing together a bit rare. Yet, I travelled more than 4000 kilometers by car only for rehearsing new album stuff and, oh yes… with zero payment as usual.

How was the experience creating the video for “Hunted?”

Kinda had to do it. So here we have a zero budget video. I wanted a real video, creating a more storyline, having professional team for the video, but on the other hand, would there have been sense? Getting a bit wiser from the previous burn out and seeing that sometimes there is no sense to put all your money and energy in, which lead us to make this as cheap as possible.



Do you have any upcoming touring plans?

No actual plans.

Is there anything else you want to say or add about the album?

 Let the music speak itself.


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