System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian looking forward to writing instrumental music

Posted by on December 4, 2017

Remember last year around this time, when System of a Down got everyone’s hopes up about a new album? Drummer John Dolmayan spoke about what would become their first album in 12 years, stating that the release was “still not 100%,” but just the fact that they were talking about it was enough to get fans excited. It’s now December of 2017, which means that we’re not getting that album this year unless they totally surprise everyone. Get ready to get your hopes dashed even more, as an interview with Expert Magazine finds singer Serj Tankian state that what he’s really been passionate about lately doesn’t even involve him singing:

“Screw vocals. I’m tired of it. During a conversation with a friend yesterday I came up with an idea: before we started making music, I was mainly known as a poet and vocalist. I wrote poetry every day. It was what I did constantly, what made me release two poetry books. In fact, I came to music from words.

I wrote so many lyrics that it stopped to be interesting. Not because there is nothing I want to talk or sing about. Sure there are topics I don’t want to write lyrics to but at least I can pull out some new emotions out of it. Poetry is always something that opens yourself up and supports self-determination. I just did it for too long. Now I am more interested in writing instrumental pieces of music.”

Theprp suggests that there are rumors out therer that Tankian is the only holdout and that System as an instrumental band have 15 tracks written. If it any other vocalist, then it’d be easy enough to suggest that System just get another vocalist, but there’s no one that could duplicate Tankian’s voice, and System without just about any of the four members wouldn’t be System. Hopefully, he dials down the idea of not wanting to sing any more and works on both his other projects and a long-awaited album from the band.

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