Paws, Pets & Metal is Metal Insider’s newest column on bands with pets, discovering who watches them on the road, and more. Get to know more about these metal furbabies. We caught up with Nothing Sacred as their pets enjoy listening to Car Bomb.


Tell us more about your pet(s) and their names?   

Her name is Leroy and she’s a Carnaby Cockatoo. I had her for around 20 years before I realized he was a she regardless of all the warning signs. I also have a dog named Lillith that was a rescue dog. Lilith is a Russian Toy Terrier. 



Have you ever taken your pet on tour?  

(Leroy) No she’d eat people. (Lillith) not yet as I have only had her for about a month.



Who looks after your pet while on the road? 

(Leroy) Anyone I can stooge into doing it while I’m away. She’s incredibly noisy and bossy.  (Lillith) I haven’t needed to yet.



What’s your pet’s favorite song or album?

(Leroy) Car Bomb Meta cos it’s Brutal. (Lillith) is just into licking her arse and having sex with her toy bunny.



How did you introduce your pet to metal?  

(Leroy) What choice has she had? I’ve bashed her with metal for the last 22+ years. (Lillith) It’s a work in progress. She enjoys licking her arse and having bunny sex to anything I put on.



What animal charity means most to you?  

To be honest I couldn’t pick one in particular. Anywhere that gives an animal a second chance is a champion in my books. I wish people would show animals as much respect and love as they would expect themselves. People can be really horrible.