Paws, Pets, and Metal: Hyperia’s Jon Power reveals his cat’s metalhead tendencies since kittenhood

Posted by on November 10, 2023


Paws, Pets & Metal is Metal Insider’s newest column on bands with pets, discovering who watches them on the road, and more. Get to know more about these metal furbabies. We caught up with Hyperia’s Jon Power reveals his cat has enjoyed metal since she was a wee kitten.


Tell us more about your pet(s) and their names?

My cat is named Edie. She’s a 14 year old calico-tortie. An absolute celebrity in every neighborhood we’ve lived in, she loves meeting people. Overly friendly and affectionate, just like me.



Have you ever taken your pet on tour?

Edie has never joined us on the road. No litter box allowed in the van. Although, she likes the car. Also, she did fly out to Vancouver from Nova Scotia back in 2014.



Who looks after your pet while on the road?

Usually my partner, Petra, is here with her. Plus, we’re very lucky to have many awesome friends around that don’t mind taking care of her and spending time with her while we’re away.



What’s your pet’s favorite song or album?

I like to think that she likes anything with soaring vocals and ripping leads. The higher pitches make her little ears dart around.



How did you introduce your pet to metal?

Edie has been around metal since she was a wee kitten. She loves hanging out with me when I practice at home.



What animal charity means most to you?

VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association




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