Interview with Heaven Shall Burn guitarist Maik Weichert on new album ‘Of Truth and Sacrifice’

Posted by on April 28, 2020


Heaven Shall Burn’s new album Of Truth and Sacrifice was released on March 20th via Century Media Records (order here). We recently caught up with guitarist Maik Weichert to discuss more about the German metal outfit’s latest offering. 


How did you decide on creating two parts to this album with: Of Truth and Sacrifice?

During the first song writing session we realized how many ideas, riffs and visions there were for this record. It was obvious that there would be a creative explosion. The album title came up pretty early, as well. So, we had the feeling that there would be tons of new material and we had a title that had two strong terms in it like “truth” and “sacrifice” – so it was actually quite logical for us to do a double record.

What was the overall writing process creating Of Truth and Sacrifice?

This time we decided not to work with any deadlines in our head. We decided to talk about a release date only when the record was recorded. This setup was just perfect for working without any stress. We really enjoyed writing and recording with no pressure.


Are there any particular songs that were more challenging to put together?

The classical pieces were quite demanding and it really took some time to dive into this kind of music, but it was a great journey. Also working with Sven Helbig and Wilhelm Keitel on these pieces was a great experience. It´s a whole new level of musical craftsmanship for us.  


The video for “My Heart and the Ocean” left a powerful message and speaks volumes to the sad reality happening in our waters. Can you talk more about the process behind writing the song and creating the video?

The video was produced by sea-shepherd veterans and crew members of the Sea Shepherd Ship Sam Simon. It was really important to us that we deliver an authentic view on the topic. We were involved in this organization for quite some time and their work still inspires us. 


“The Sorrows of Victory” feels like a very powerful tune, what is the meaning behind the song?

This song is about the crusades back in the days. Stories like the relation between Richard Lionheart and Saladin, for example. I think these historical issues are pretty comparable to the clashes of ideologies and civilizations we face today.


Is there anything else you want to say or add about the new album?

Give it a try! I think it’s a great musical world theater. We put in everything we like about metal and music!


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