Nashville metallers Thirty Nights of Violence just signed to Unbeaten Records and are on their way to release their new EP To Die In Your Portrait this Friday (26th) – pre-order here. The group have been building a hardcore/metalcore following out in the east coast and are looking looking ahead to hit the road more once their EP arrives. We spoke to drummer Ethan Young to learn more about their overall sound, the EP, future plans, and more.  

How did Thirty Nights of Violence form?

Thirty Nights began as a side project between members Kelly Cook and Zach Wilbourne. Kelly wrote some songs and did some demos, so Zach has the idea to flesh them out and start a band. I was in a death metal band with the two of them prior to this called Pinion, so naturally they asked me to play drums since the three of us had already worked together. We’ve been friends with Jake Chestnut for a while, so we roped him in to play bass. James Chatham had classes with Zach, they became friends, and Zach found out he played guitar through social media. Now here we are!

Can you talk about the recording process for the EP To Die In Your Portrait?

We tracked here in Nashville with our very good friend Tate Mercer who we consider to be the honorary 6th member. Personally this was the best recording experience I have ever had, not just in terms of quality but also because Tate is just very easy to work with. We went in to record at the end of July and finished the EP in 3 days and we’re happy with the product the 6 of us have created.

What are some of the songs about?

What I’ve taken from it personally, it’s about breaking free from others expectations and living for yourself and not for others, something I think a lot of people struggle with.  Zach wrote the lyrics by himself and for him I think this band was catharsis from things he experienced with other individuals from the past few years. It’s really open for the listener to interpret.

How would you describe your overall sound?

Converge meets Poison the Well. Collectively, our favorite band is Deftones so i think people will hear that some of that inevitably bled into our sound as well.

What are your live shows like?

We’ve only played two shows, both at home here in Nashville. So far they have been incredible because the response from friends and locals have been nothing but supportive. The energy here in Nashville is untouchable.

What are some of your favorite Nashville-based metal bands?

Orthodox and Chamber without a doubt. We’ve looked up to them as musicians for quite a while now.

What are your plans for 2019?

We have plans to tour in 2019 as of right now, but i think our goal ultimately is to keep moving as a band and improving what we’ve already built. Our music is always going to be our priority.

What are your thoughts on social media interaction between bands and fans?

Personally I think social media creates more disconnect between individuals, however as someone who is trying to push their art out into the world, I understand its importance. I have no interest in portraying us any particular way that has no real reflections of who we are. We’re kind people, so I try to reflect that through social media by responding and interacting as I see fit.

Anything else you want to add in terms of plans and the new EP?

I think we’d just like to thank everyone who had any input into this. We’re very humbled by the response.