Interview: Sourvein’s T-Roy talks ‘Aquatic Occult,’ current, former members

Posted by on April 6, 2016

sourvein aquatic occultOne listen to Sourvein’s Ocypuss “ at the Metal Blade records site should be all anyone needs who listens to doom, metal and sludge to break down and purchase the new long player. For the uninitiated, the band is led by the multi-talented T-Roy who handles vocals, music and art duties. To date, he has released numerous extended plays, split releases and full lengths which have become practically cult classics in the metal underground. Additionally, the album includes tons of metal and rock rotalty such as Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God), Mike Dean and Reed Mullin(COC), Stig Miller (Amebix), Keith Kirkum (ex-Weedeater), Dean Berry (Iron Monkey), Dave Capps (All Tore Up), Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin (Subrig Destroyer), and Kevin Rochelle (Sea of Tyrants).

If you’re just checking the band out for the first time, start with the new album and work your way backwards. It’s that good. Metal Insider caught up with T-Roy to talk about all things sour.

What are your plans for Sourvein in 2016?

We’re planning that out now. Europe and the UK tours will be first thing we do, I believe. Then the U.S. west coast and some fests, then we plan on continuing the tour to the full U.S. and hopefully Japan.


Any tension with you some of the older members?

I’m actually playing music with some older members at the moment and with some original members as well. Everyone is happy with the opportunities they’ve had and I wish everyone all the best!


You have a brand new album available Friday. How long did it take to write the material?

I worked on Aquatic Occult for about three months with old and new writing ideas before we finally went to the studio. Once we eventually got into the studio with all the guests on the album, it took us about three more months to finish the record.


Any unreleased takes that will be available as bonus tracks or b-sides?

There is a cover that Stig Miller of Amebix and myself worked on, but it’s not finished yet so I don’t know when we’ll release that. No plans for a B-side yet. Maybe on the next album.


Who are the other touring members of Sourvein that we can expect to see live?

Lou Gorra on bass, Rochelle on lead guitars and some other instruments, our drummer Spider and, of course, the road crew.


Has any record label done right by Sourvein? What about others that have wronged you?

Every label I’ve worked with did right by releasing our music and giving us an opportunity, really. I wouldn’t say any of them wronged us. Some just promoted and followed through better than others!


Sincere condolences for the death of Mike Boone in 2013. I assume that took the wind out of your sails for awhile. Were he and you extremely close besides being in Sourvein?

Yeah, it was devastating. He is missed, of course. We all grew up in the same area and went to shows together, so yes, we were close beyond the band.


What release by Sourvein (EP, full-length, or split) is your favorite? Least favorite?

This album, Aquatic Occult, is my favorite. I put a lot into this one. Some of the splits we’ve done I’d re-record if I could. But all in all I like everything I’ve ever done.

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