Interview: Skindred Frontman Discusses New ‘Volume’ Album

Posted by on November 5, 2015

Skindred has been rockin’ their reggae-meets-nu-metal music since the late 90’s and the UK-based band are still sounding fresh with their latest LP, Volume, which was recently released via Napalm Records. Metal Insider spoke to frontman Benji Webbe about the new album, their current tour buddies, and more.


The “Under Attack” single, title track, and “Sound the Siren” have already been released. If you had to choose, which song is your personal favorite between the three and why?

I can’t chose between my children. If I had a favorite, what kind of father would I be?


An interesting aspect about this album is the three instrumental interludes, similar to the debut. Can you describe the choice for this inclusion?

We just felt that the album needed to be paced and give the listener a minute to recover from the masterpiece they just heard and get them prepared for the next onslaught on the album.


The bonus DVD, Rude Boys for Life, will be also be coming out in relation with the Volume CD. What can fans expect from this documentary and what was it like being personally filmed for this?

Most of the footage was filmed many years ago. It’s a collection from the last 15 years of history and we just wanted to give the world the truth about us. Based off the response we have had from the DVD so far, we have done exactly that.


Skindred will be setting out on a European tour soon with Crossfaith, Hed PE, and Yashin. Can you talk about your relationship with these bands?

We’ve previously played a few times around the UK with Yashin, but I don’t think I’ve watched them yet so I’m looking forward to seeing their set. I’ve known Hed PE for over 20 years. My old band, Dub War, supported them in LA on their debut album party. I love the fact that they are still giving it all they’ve got. Crossfaith are a good bunch of guys that we met about 4 years ago in Japan. I actually appear on their latest album [Xeno] and I really hope I get to perform that track, “Wildfire,” on the upcoming tour.


You guys have toured with plenty of amazing groups and performed at many awesome festivals. Are there any bands or festivals you have yet to check off your bucket list in terms of touring or performing?

I would love to go out with System of a Down or Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’d also love to play Coachella in California & Glastonbury. Those four are on the top of my list.


You have been active in Skindred for almost 15 years. Reflecting back, is there a particular moment that really stands out?

It’s been a great enjoyable steady flow and a gradual growth that we all are happy with. There’s no rush to get where you want if you are real. Playing Download Festival when we did the Newport Helicopter was definitely a highlight for both myself and Skindred.


How has the music industry changed since the beginning of Skindred?

I would simply say the Internet changed it all.


What’s coming up after this upcoming tour?

I haven’t a clue. Day by day, my friend. No one is promised tomorrow and you only got the minute you’re in.


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