August 24th saw the release of the maddeningly original Brooklyn psycho doom outfit Netherlands’ fourth full-length, Black Gaia (via Records & Tapes Records).
For the uninitiated, I usually explain Netherlands’ sound as “Daft Punk meets High on Fire,” or “Devo meets Deftones,” or use any number of oversimplified comparisons that don’t do their fierce originality much justice.
Black Gaia is a masterclass in dynamics – the instrumentation (super fuzz guitar, low end synthbass, drums) yields a uniquely monolithic riff style. The band moves like a mythical beast (Mastodon wink wink) stomping through a futuristic riff-scape, at times violently taking off on almost comically brutal tempos. Particularly on the track Fangorn, the band masterfully demonstrates they’re erratic brand of stop-and-start groove.
Black Gaia is a bold statement – a neon pink punch in the loins.
I challenge any stone-faced metalhead to subject themselves to six seconds of this record and not crack a smile.
Timo Ellis, Neth’s mastermind/vocalist/guitarist has an impressive rock pedigree, albeit a mostly non-metal one (Cibo Matto, Yoko Ono, Joan as Policewoman, Spacehog) so I suspect many of the influences displayed onBlack Gaia may ring unfamiliar to most metal folk.
I sat down with Ellis to dig deep into the album, track by track – you can listen to our chat at the link below:
Rating: 10/10
Favorite Tracks: Fangorn, Nite Nite

This interview was recorded several days before Netherlands embarked on the now cancelled Mastodon/Dinosaur Jr. US/Canada tour. The Neth crew spent several days driving up to Canada before they found out, then back to New York again, bought new merch for the tour, etc. – needless to say, I imagine they could use your $10 right about now.
Netherlands premiered the Timo Ellis directed video for “Rewild!” off the Hope Porn EP last week:

You can buy Black Gaia here.