Hair metal outfit John Diva & The Rockets of Love’s third full-length offering, The Big Easy, was released earlier this month via Steamhammer/SPV. Metal Insider caught up with John Diva to discuss the album. 


What was the process like recording the new album, The Big Easy?

 It was like a party with good old friends – we laughed a lot, we shared the same idea and goal, we had a vision and mission to achieve. It really helped us perfectly fine thru the dark ages of the pandemic.


What influenced the band’s decision to revisit a straightforward rock sound for the new record?

Beside the fun we had, there were some straightforward lyrics and themes – stuff that probably everybody had on his or her mind in the last few years. It’s songs about not giving up, about reaching out for a better day, of course about love, shared memories. We were dreaming of overcoming the situation we were stuck in. We wanted to create the perfect album for a summer that seemed very far away in January 2021. Now we have arrived in the future and that’s such a beautiful feeling.


Can you talk more about the songs “Thunder” and “Back In The Days?”

With THUNDER, first there was the deep humming sound of my voice that I recorded – and a basic riff. We knew there was more, but it took us weeks to figure out which way to go. It’s a song that made a lot of work, but we didn’t want to let go, because we believed in the power of that basic idea and I think we did it. Now it’s a monstrosity of a riff-rocking, heavy grooving Song that also shows our love for bands like Def Leppard. BACK IN THE DAYS worked perfectly fine on my acoustic guitar, but this song also is a good example for how hard we worked. There were versions of the song that worked perfectly fine, but we weren’t satisfied. I literally went through it word by word, searching for the best possible lyric that transports the feeling of a teenage couple leaving behind their small town lives. The arrangement, the guitars, it’s a perfect pop song in a rock’n’roll disguise.




What inspired the name The Big Easy for the album?

It was a spontaneous outburst of JJ Love, who is well known for his awkward offish but great creative output. He’s that dude that always comes up with an idea nobody else has. And sometimes it’s a hit. He did that with LOLITA and with many other songs – and this time he walked on up and said: “Guys, I simply wanna write the perfect summer album and I already have the title – it should be THE BIG EASY.” There was nothing left but to say, Hell yeah, let’s do it.


How would you compare the new record to your previous albums?

It has a clear concept and it’s heading more towards Classic Rock, but with a very up to date attitude and lyrics that make the difference. Check out “Boys don’t play with Girls” and you will know what I mean. This time we reduced everything that we did before to the Max. It’s a highly concentrated version of us, we don’t want to be in any other place but this one. And then again this album features everything you expect from us: crazy Guitars, Big Anthems and that never ending beautiful 80ies feeling that will make you wanna floor your gas pedal.


What can fans expect for the upcoming live shows in support of the new album?

Oh dear, it’s gonna be wild. Y’all should check out the stage design, summer is here, even in March. We will have cheerleaders on stage, we will have never seen outfits and we gonna play the best songs of all three albums, including all the recent Hits. And we will make love thru our speakers with our fans and audience night after night.


What was the experience like making the video for the song “Runaway Train?”

That song really takes you back to your youth, it’s a time machine. The video was performed on some junkyard in Croatia, close to the coast. Then there was this awesome car from my collection, a perfect sunset, a couple of beers, you name it: a great day and we have it taped and recorded for the rest of our lives. This band makes me smile a lot.



Is there anything else you want to say or add about the new album?

Well, talking about music is fine, but senseless. Check it out, listen without prejudice and enjoy the ride. That album should be played at maximum volume and at least 75 miles per hour.