On October 19th, Gorod’s overall tenth studio album Aethra will be released via Overpowered Records (pre-order here). We caught up with vocalist Julien Deyres to discuss their latest effort, which could potentially be their best one yet. Read the discussion below:

How long did it take you to write Aethra?

Aethra was the fastest writing process of any album we’ve ever done, except “Kiss the Freak”, which was only an EP. Mathieu started to compose the first track in the end of November and I finished recording vocals the 8th of April. So we took approximately four months for the whole thing, from the first riff to the end of the recording sessions. Mathieu composed the 10 tracks in two months and I wrote all of the lyrics in six weeks… this experience was extremely challenging but it was exciting to go straight to the point!

What is the lyrical concept behind the album?

The moon as a star, an object of cult an allegory or a universal symbol is the central theme of the lyrical concept. Four titles are devoted to female lunar deities, four to male deities. The remaining two are respectively dealing with the universal symbolism of the owl and the star itself.

The concept is basically a study of different cults associated with the moon through the ages and peoples. Some themes are treated in a purely narrative way, some others in a more philosophical or poetic way, but generally it remains a personal reading of each myth, which aims to awaken critical thought as much as evasion.

What should fans expect from it?

It depends on what kind of fan you are! In my opinion, this album is by far the best record I’ve even been involved in. I have never felt so satisfied in my entire life as a musician. This is the most diverse and best sounding album from Gorod. We’ve incorporated a lot of new elements – a slightly darker and more “tragic” atmosphere, more clean vocals (but no vocoder or weird effects), more catchy choruses, but still a big load of groove, blasts and this typical riffing style that defines Gorod’s color since the beginning.

How would you compare it to 2015’s A Maze of Recycled Creeds?

Aethra is completely different from A Maze of Recycled Creeds, which was our most complicated album. This new one is much more straightforward and explores new melodies never experienced before. I think that Aethra is closer to Leading Vision and A Perfect Absolution, but with a different global atmosphere.

Do you have any upcoming touring plans?

We are currently working on it. Our next tour will be in Europe with our dear friends Beyond Creation and Brought by Pain. Entheos completed this amazing line-up not long ago and we are so excited about this tour that will be from the 1st to the 25th of November 2018. Hope we will be back in the USA in 2019 and also the rest of the world, but nothing clear is scheduled yet.

What are some of your favorite metal bands from France?

We all have different tastes in the band, so I would mention few: Deathspell Omega, Gojira, Plebeian Grandstand, Benighted, Kronos (RIP), The Great Old Ones, Svart Crown, Psykup, Hypno5e, Arcania, Carcariass, Grorr… and many more!

How do you balance your time between Gorod and your day jobs?

This actually the hardest thing to handle… I am a tour guide in the southwest of France, so I can decide more or less when I want to work, even if it’s a seasonal job. Mat & Nico are both guitar teachers, Karol is teaching drums and Barby has just started a new business of homemade goodies from musicians and more, so they can manage to have free time for touring but this is not always easy. This is a really particular way of life!

Anything else you would like to say/add?

As the thing we love the most is performing on stage, we all can’t wait to hit the road and hang out with you all! See you on stage or at the bar, but see you soon! Cheers from France!