Interview: Crypta’s Tainá discusses darker direction with new album ‘Shades of Sorrow;’ reveals track she’s most proud of

Posted by on August 11, 2023

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Brazilian death metal outfit Crypta unleashed their sophomore album, Shades of Sorrow, on August 4th via Napalm Records (order here). We got to catch up with guitarist Tainá Bergamaschi to discuss their latest offering, learn about its darker and more atmospheric direction, discover the track she’s most proud of.  


What was the writing process like for the new album, Shades of Sorrow?

‘Shades of Sorrow’ was written by distance, since we live far away from each other and we only had time to write the songs during our time off between tours. We wanted to try something different in this album, something more modern but still old school, more dark and atmospheric. So the lyrics match perfectly because it says about the different shades of pain that life brings day by day. 


Musically, how would you compare the new album to the 2021 debut, Echoes of the Soul?

I think the word that expresses this super well it’s ‘mature.’ As a musician you always want to explore more in the instrument/vocals. You wanna test yourself to your limits, and this album brings different techniques and a darker feeling of writing, it’s like dark visions ahead, it’s sad, gloomy, atmospheric, evil, it’s death metal, still in the essence of Crypta. 


What songs were more challenging to write?

I think it was ‘Stronghold’. Fernanda came with the idea of the structure so I started creating the riffs. She said ‘’ok, let’s start with a riff for solo, some arpeggios as a bridge, but in the middle I want to swallow everything in an epic mode’’ haha, something like that. And we worked so hard to find those notes in the way we wanted, so I took some inspiration from Agalloch and Opeth, it’s the mix of inspiration that I was looking for in this song. It’s the song that I am most proud of writing in this album. 



Can you discuss more about the songs “Dark Clouds,” and “The Outsider?”

I can definitely say about the instrumental part. ‘Dark Clouds’ was one of the first songs to be written for this album. I remember Luana sent me a video playing those crazy drums from the beginning of the song and instantly I started working on it with the riffs. Me and Luana were so excited about this song especially when the slow part comes before the solos, she’s destroying everything with all that technique. 



‘The Outsider’ is one of the most special songs for me. I remember I was in my room and back then I was listening a lot to Batushka and MGLA, so I was inspired by the darkest combinations of guitar melodies. This song was one of the easiest to write I assume, it was very natural to me, in one evening the guitars for this song and one of the solos were done. I feel like if I am inspired to write anything I gotta take the opportunity, when things come naturally it comes from the heart, the song will represent the moment you’re living.  





What was the experience like creating the video for “Trial of Traitors?”

Oh, that was one of the best experiences. Two things that I love, dark music and abandoned places, it’s the perfect combination. We recorded the video 3 times until we had something really cool, in the end we had some cops around asking us to leave the place but we had what we wanted already, haha. Estevam and Maya did an amazing job, and they were sweating way more than we did, running with those cameras and lights between the rooms, that’s exhausting, but definitely worth it. 





Since bringing guitarist Jéssica Falchi into the band, how has she influenced and contributed to the creative process for the new album?

Jessica joined the band officially in October/2022. By that time we had all the songs done already, we were finishing the last details. So she contributed only with her own guitar solos. Can’t what she can bring to us in the next one.


I understand that your first North American tour was marred by a tragic incident at the Apollo Theater in Belvidere, Illinois. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families and friends of those affected by the roof collapse. It’s evident that the incident brought people together to support each other, including the campaign to help with the possible loss of expenses from the RV. With that said, I’d like to inquire about how things have been for you and the band since the incident?

Thank you. It’s still a bit difficult, everytime we talk about going to the US for touring again we naturally look to the weather to see if it’s the tornado season. I assume we got a little trauma there. But there are still people in really bad situations, and this is serious. We’re really thankful to everyone that helped us with the incident but these people also need help, they’re also taking this to the rest of their lives. The experience of going to a concert, either to play or to have fun, and see the tragedy a few meters in front of you, no one deserves that.


As you’re set to be a part of 70000tons of Metal next year, which we’re excited to see you on that cruise! Can you share any additional appearances or touring plans you have in the pipeline that you’d like to reveal to your fans?

We’re really excited about the 70000tons next year! For me it’s gonna be my first time. I can say that definitely we’re not hitting the US road only for the 70k. A new tour is being planned! You can check the dates soon in our pages. 


Is there anything else you’d like to say or add to your listeners?

I’d like to thank everyone who came here to know a little bit more about us and about our new album. I’m so proud of this release that I can wait to hit the road with the new songs. Thanks for this interview and see you soon!



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