Interview: Bam Margera, Jess Margera talk band, GWAR, new film

Posted by on August 25, 2014


There were a handful of bands that were scheduled to play last weekend’s GWAR-B-Q that weren’t able to make it for one reason or another. While Goatwhore’s vehicle issues kept them from performing, another band to suffer a similar fate was Bam Margera’s band Fuckface Unstoppable. While they were set to end their short U.S. tour with an appearance at the festival, a ruptured fuel line put the brakes (almost literally) on their appearance. However, the band showed up regardless, and we caught up with Bam Margera and his brother Jess to talk about the band, their forthcoming film, and what Dave Brockie meant to them.


So you were scheduled to play today, but couldn’t make it in time? 

Bam Margera: The bus battleship sunk yesterday. The fuel line had a hole in it, so now it’s in DC getting worked on, and we had to rent two paddy wagons to get us here.


So you have a past with GWAR and Dave Brockie. Tell us what he meant to you.

Bam: He was just a rad dude. He would call me up at any random time, it didn’t matter when, and I’d pick up and he’d give me these awesome long tangents about nonsense that actually made sense.

Jess Margera: I toured with him for about three months, and he’d be like “you’ve been to Iceland, right Jess? Tell me some Viking stories!”


Were you on this show before Dave’s passing?

Bam: Yeah, our bus driver is GWAR’s bus driver. He would always call him up when we were on our tour and call us up when he was on the GWAR tour. He’d leave us a case of GWAR beer on the tour bus because he knew we were picking it up right after they were done.


Talk to me about Fuckface Unstoppable. Everyone knows your name, but it’s not like you’re really out there that much.

Bam: We just did a European tour, and we actually did a whole movie. It’s called I Needed Time to Stay Useless. It’s done now, and I’m going to play it September 28th. Alex from Guttermouth came in to play a show, and then we started jamming after the show at The Note. We did the song “I Want to Bend My Dick Around the Back of My Ass and Fuck Myself,” and he said “yeah, we should just start a band,” and I was like ‘yeah, Fuckface Unstoppable.’ We all started laughing, but then we had a date, and another date, and it turned into a whole tour. I’m having fun doing it.


What’s the movie like? Is it a concert film?

Kind of, but not really. It’s basically the entire story of my life. Skating, turning pro, Jackass happens, then I get burnt. Music comes into play, then I got to jail.

Jess: We’ve got a tour coming up in the Fall with Lionize and Polkadot Cadaver.


Is there an album coming out?

Bam: Yeah, well, we recorded an album in Iceland that just got released, actually. It came out about a month ago.

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