Interview: Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop on Mayhem, side projects, next album

Posted by on August 1, 2014

Over the course of three albums, Asking Alexandria have found themselves playing for larger and larger audiences. The release of last year’s From Death to Destiny gave the band a top five album, and this year, they’re one of the main stage headliners at the Mayhem Festival. As the tour continues on, we caught up with vocalist Danny Worsnop in Detroit to chat about the performance of the album, his side project We Are Harlot, and sinking a boat while on tour.


How’s the tour been so far?

It’s been great. We’ve been playing shows, songs have been involved, people have been there and that’s all the requirements for a successful rock show.


The new album, From Death To Destiny, has been out for about almost a year. How has the reception been so far?

Great. We charted top 5. Top 4 because one was a fucking Now! compilation. Yea, the singles have been going great. We just released the third single. Hopefully this one goes top five or even number one. We just started playing it live. Apparently we do not suck. Good news because I’ve been committing to too many house payments.


With all the touring, especially you, with doing We Are Harlot on the side, you guys have been busy. Have you guys have gotten the chance to get into writing new material yet?

We are recording right now. One of our tour buses was gutted and made into a recording studio. We are actually writing and recording right now. The Harlot album just got finished and they are mixing it right now. Trying to figure out what the next single is going to be. It’s hard because I have to separate my brain everyday because during the daytime I’m doing email work with Harlot. Then it’s night-time and I’m like ‘Oh no, I have to be angry and do all that shit. I just want a fucking cheese burger!’


So, how to you compartmentalize the two?

I don’t know. I have no idea. It’s working right now and I’m not going to try and figure it out. It’s working and that’s all I care about. Outside of that who the fuck knows how my brain works.


I was watching a recent interview where you made a comment about the cookie cutter industry that we’re in right now. About what you hear on today’s mainstream radio, stuff that’s being produced by everybody. How does Asking Alexandria stay out of that?

We write music. We don’t copy the same fucking song that everyone else is printing. We just do whatever we feel like. I think it’s probably our own full sense of self worth and delusion of fame that makes us do it but, hell it fucking works.


Obviously, being on Mayhem tour right now, knowing you guys just like to do whatever the hell you guys want and you have a great time doing it. What’s the wildest experience you guys have come across so far?

We sunk a boat. Yea, we took a boat out and I bit a hole in it and sunk it. By boat, I mean,  we bought an inflatable swimming pool put it in the river and all sat in it. Then I waited until it was as far away as it could be, and I bit a hole in it. Everyone was like NOOOOO and I was like “swim motherfuckers!!”


Anything specific you’re excited to see on Mayhem?  Going to watch any of the bands?

I mean, I’ve seen everyone a million times. I’m always just excited to see my bed at the end of the night. I mean to hate to sound really depressing, but I just really enjoy laying down these days. I’m fucking exhausted; fucking tired. I’m just happy to close my eyes.


So, I see you limping, what happened with the ankle?

I was drunk and on some special chocolates and I decided to play sports. It was inadvisable and I injured myself very quickly.


Next out is the We Are Harlot disc? And then Asking Alexandria?

Yep, January and next summer for Asking Alexandria.


So, what’s the tour schedule going to be like?

We are heading to Europe for a headliner and then U.S. headliner and then we are taking 6 months off. Harlot’s touring and then Asking is going to start up again in the summer.


So they are taking 6 months off and you are not?

Yes, THEY are taking 6 months off. I get to sing about fucking for 6 months. I’m actually not angry at anyone. I’m sure I will be because I get pissed off at people all the time. I mean I think it’s their fault. If they weren’t so fucking stupid I wouldn’t get mad at them.


You come back after the show, the bus is gone, there’s an iPod on the ground with one album on it to listen to as you walk to the next city. What do you pick?

That’s a tough one. I think probably something Van Halen, it’s the music I’d want to run to. Maybe AC/DC would be good. I would very energized and pumped to go. OOH what album?….ARRRGH, FUCK YOU! I don’t know. ANY AC/DC album and I’m there!


Anything you want to shamelessly plug.

I have a jewelery line coming out in the next couple weeks called Never Take It Off. I have a sale on t-shirts on my online store. At some point in time my solo album will come out, because I don’t have anything going on right now. Keep an eye out for Harlots next single. Asking’s single just came out, so call your radio station and ask them to play it.

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