photo credit: Nat Enemede


Ad Infinitum’s latest masterpiece, Chapter III – Downfall, has just been released through Napalm Records. Metal Insider had the chance to catch up with drummer, Niklas Müller, to dive deep into the making of the record. 


What was the recording process like for the new album, Chapter III – Downfall?

For the first time we were writing songs with all of us being in the same room, it was a very nice experience. Melissa and I recorded vocals and drums directly at Jacob Hansens studio. It was a very comfortable situation for me, being able to focus on drumming only and tracking the best drums possible for this album. Adrian and Korbinian recorded their tracks themselves.


Can you discuss some of the themes explored in the new album?

The general topic is the ancient Egyptian culture with their monuments, gods and others. We put our focus on Cleopatra and her story. 


How does the new record differ from your previous efforts?

Most importantly the writing process changed. On the previous album we wrote the songs remotely in skype or zoom sessions, and this time we had an intense songwriting camp. I think the connection to each song intensified, also the album might appear a bit darker and mystical.


Can you talk more about the song “Upside Down”?

This was one of the songs we wrote completely from scratch in the songwriting camp. Already in an early state it was clear for us that this song needs to be one of the singles, if not even the first one.



What was the experience like creating the video for “From The Ashes?”

It was absolutely amazing. Director Mirko Witzki did an amazing job with planning and executing the shoot and we had a very good team of pyrotechnicians, who fulfilled all our dreams and more Also the location itself was astonishing, we really had a good time and were so happy with the result. 



What was it like collaborating with Eluveitie’s Chrigel Glanzmann for the song Legends?

We supported Eluveitie on a couple of shows last summer, and we got along very very well. When we thought of a guest vocalist on Chapter III, Chrigel was a perfect fit for that very part of the song and we are so happy he was up for that.



Do you have any plans this year you can share with us?

We are looking forward to a bunch of cool festivals that we are able to play this summer, but I can’t say anything else about other plans at the moment


Is there anything you want to say or add about the new album?

We are very happy to finally show you our new music and are looking forward to seeing and hearing what you think of it. Also, we can’t wait to play those new songs live for you! See you soon!


Check out Ad Infinitum’s latest video for their new single “Eternal Rains” below: