Five things Like We Are learned recording new music during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on July 11, 2022


Austrian post-hardcore outfit Like We Are have recently released their latest offering, Elevate. We caught up with the group and asked five things they learned, recording new music during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Andreas Schmid (Singer): Our EP “Elevate” was mostly written during the time of the pandemic. Therefore, many ideas and feelings shaped by the virus flowed into our music and especially into our lyrics. The pandemic allowed for a lot of time to reflect on ourselves and what we want to achieve in life due to the frequent periods of isolation.  This allowed us to write the EP with great emotional depth. The basis for this was provided by fears, self-doubt and personal life situations.In my opinion, each one of us has a better reflected self-image as a result of spending so much time in our own company. Particularly on an interpersonal basis, we have grown even closer as a result. 

Lukas Neyer (Guitar): The first thoughts back then were “for the love of God” what is going to happen next, but of course we never had the idea that we would be banned from playing for a year, with a short summer break, so to speak. And then it took forever until the first perspectives became visible. We used the time to write new songs individually at home, not together as usual. That was a completely new way of songwriting for us and a challenge. It showed us that the band will always find a way even in difficult situations.

Kevin Malcher (Guitar): Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Together we cover all areas. The band achieves much more together than when everyone works on their own and presents their parts. We worked together before, but the pandemic was the first time we really gained this insight, because it was taken for granted before.

Richy Schönherr (Bass): The communication between us was put to the test because we could not meet in person. It was also a challenge to make decisions under these circumstances. You get into each other’s hair much more quickly. However, we have also found a new bond as a result. Now we are looking forward to some great live shows.

Mathias Hofer (Drums): In difficult times, you have to be flexible and turn the situation to your advantage as quickly as possible. It was very interesting to see that you can achieve a lot with today’s technology, even if you may be physically separated. Despite all of this, we were lucky and were able to work on the songs together in the studio for a fortnight because of the relaxation of the Corona rules. It became obvious that the music comes to life through the people who create art together.




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