Five things Flying Cupid learned about recording ‘All Turns to Dust’ during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on April 5, 2021



Flying Cupid, the solo project of 19-year-old Indian-born guitarist and composer Abhiruk Patowary, is expected to release his debut solo full-length album, All Turns To Dust later this spring. We asked Patowary to list five things he learned about recording the album during a pandemic. 


Writing this album during this time was quite an experience for me. It first made me thank and realize how great we have progressed in the audio technology world as collaborations had no bounds, hence the album was recorded across 4 different continents while me just being at my apartment in Delhi. It was also a time for me when I dropped out of college and music was the only thing I was doing, so during quarantine it was very essential to know when to take breaks as to not face creative exhaustion, luckily I was with my family so the boundaries between work and leisure wee always defined. 

One thing that was missing was an active criticism that I could receive from my peers as I was writing, cause unlike other times, this instance I was writing in isolation. But now it was more of sending demos out to friends and colleagues and receiving feedback in a day or two. Finally it’s always great to try out the material live with a bunch of musicians be it at a gig or just a rehearsal space but this time everything was done virtually and one could say that it was a challenge to avoid being very robotic when it came to writing. Luckily I worked with some excellent people in the industry who helped me overcome this and it was a wonderful experience writing this album. 


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