Denmark’s death metal giants Baest have recently released their overall third full-length effort, Necro Sapiens on March 5th via Century Media Records. We asked the group to list five things they learned creating an album during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


01) Bring lots of food. LOTS. Whenever there’s a break during any recording, musicians tend to run for the kitchen, and then proceed to wreck the fridge. We made sure to bring different dishes, and to spend time preparing them during the recording. That way, everyone was forced to dine together (and commence drinking together) which resulted in a fantastic vibe throughout the week; every evening ending up in production chaos and euforia, listening to that day’s recordings. 

02) Record live. MAN, that’s great! listening to 3-4 full days of drumming, and then layering all the guitars, then bass, then vocals is great but BORING. Every day during this recording, was ended with listening to two or three freshly recorded songs, everyone playing and contributing. That was amazing and inspiring, and no one could wait to begin again the next day. 

03) Did we mention the food? good. Bring beer as well. An album is supposed to be fun to make, and its also supposed to be hards as fuck, and shitty and frustrating, but this can be fun as well. Just bring enough beer. 

04) Work with people you trust! It’s challenging to pour your heart and soul out on tape. It’s a bit easier, when you trust the producer behind the knobs. We have always used Andreas Linnemann, as he is one of our best friends, and he knows what we want to do. 

05) Enjoy what is happening, and try to document it. It’s a part of your history, and experience from the studio is very helpful when you plan for your next album. So, enjoy and take notes.