Hungarian metal outfit Heedless Elegance recently unveiled a video for their single, “The Way of Every Loss,” and shared the new song “The Threads” featuring Chelsea Grin’s Tom Barber. With new tracks released this year, the group has looked back on the challenges of being an artist during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic.  


Touring: Right off the bat, the biggest shock to everyone’s system was that we could not perform in the way that we were used to, and to the level we had become accustomed. Because of that, a lot of things changed. Bands tried to continue to book shows, because they thought the pandemic would go away soon, but the uncertainty made that very difficult.

Income: The main income of a band nowadays is touring and selling merchandise, so not being able to do that really changed the game. Subsequently, bands had to come up with new ideas fast to stay alive in the business.

Career Building: The situation was chaotic, we had ideas how we were going to get from one point to another, but because of the global pandemic we had to think the whole thing over. Luckily, we came out with a good solution and, as with a lot of bands, took the time to write. We wrote and created our album Libra, during that time.

Motivation: There were times when it was difficult to maintain motivation. We had opportunities to perform in certain shows and events and when they were cancelled that was hard to take, as often they were a one-time thing. After this has happened several times, you really need to stay positive and optimistic, through the hard times.

Keeping your fans active: As much as we were able to connect to the fans through our social media platforms, the true connection comes from live shows. With the lack of gigs you had to come up with ideas on how to keep your fans active, to feel connected. Livestream concerts were one solution to this problem.