Looks like Madball is gearing up for a new album in 2014. The band’s untitled eighth studio album follows up their previous album Empire from 2010 and the Rebellion EP in 2012. Guitarist Brian “Mitts” Daniels reported that the band would first be recording at System Recordings in Grafton, Massachusetts with Ken Susi of Unearth handling producing duties before heading down to Pinecrust Studios in Miami Florida with Jonathan Nuñez of Torche. Zeuss, who handled mixing duties for the band’s Legacy and Infiltrate The System albums, will return for this album.

This will also be the first LP to feature Mike Justian on drums. There are no other details about the album as of yet, but fans will likely be glad just to to hear they’ll be getting the band’s first studio album in four years in the near future. The album is currently slated for a mid summer release.