Machine Head Will Start Writing Next Album in 2013

Posted by on November 30, 2012

Last year, Machine Head  released Unto The Locust and exceeded the expectations of those who thought it was impossible for the band to top The Blackening from 2007. Now the band are looking to get started on a new album next year, according to guitarist Phil Demmel in an interview with The Nervous Breakdown.

In an interview with The Nervous Breakdown, Demmel had this to say regarding writing:

“After this tour, we want to get in and start writing. We’ve got a couple of things for next year, but for the most part we want to get in and hopefully start recording before the end of the year next year. Have we thought about directions or any of that? It hasn’t really been agreed upon yet. I think we’re just going to write like we have been. Our formula has been to just come up with something and see what happens. Nothing contrived, you know? That’s how “Darkness Within” happened, and that’s how a lot of the stuff on the last album happened, so we’ll just see how we progress. Robb [Flynn, vocals/guitar] took classical lessons before the last record, so I think it’s just going to be an amalgamation of everything we’ve learned so far. We keep evolving, and it’s not going to be “Blackening II” and it’s not going to be “Unto The Locust II”. I think it’s going to be our strongest record.”

It’s exciting to think that we could be seeing a new Machine Head album by the end of next year, especially considering the four year gap between the band’s last two albums. And since expectations for this one will be even higher, it’s safe to say that it’ll end up being awesome. Whether it’ll be released by Roadrunner or not, though, is yet to be known. You can check out the rest of the interview at The Nervous Breakdown.

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