If you didn’t think Kvelertak’s self-titled 2010 album was one of the best album of the year, you either hate fun, rock or Norwegians. While there hasn’t been a lot of talk from them recently, everyone got pretty pumped last week when it was announced that they’ll be touring with Converge and Torche later this fall. Now it turns out they’ll be doing more with Converge, as their guitarist is once again producing them.

Converge’s Kurt Ballou did a bang-up job of producing Kvelertak’s first album, and was a large part of the reason that the album sounded like the results of a drunken hookup between Converge, Turbonegro and KISS. And it turns out their sophomore album could be even better. “First day at Godcity with Kurt Ballou,” the band tweeted on Saturday. “All I can say is, this album is going to fuck the first album in the ass. Hard.” Godcity is Ballou’s studio. With the tour not kicking off until October 12, that’s plenty of time for the band to get in some decent recording time. While there’s no release date for the album, it can be assumed that it’ll be out early next year, if not late this year. Either way, we’re psyched.

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]