Hevy Devy has been keeping himself busy with three new projects in the works (not to mention his By A Thread – Live in London 2011 DVDs). The one album we’ve known about the longest, though, is Epicloud. And now it looks like we could hear Devin Townsend’s new album as soon as September.

Townsend has been saying via Twitter that Epicloud will be released sometime in September. And from what we can tell by a picture tweeted earlier today (as seen off to the side), most of the guitars, bass and drums have been recorded. That is, unless, “Derp” isn’t actually implying anything. In addition to the funny images, the song board also reveals tentative song titles.

We’ve been really excited to hear Epicloud, which Townsend previously described as “epic, poppy, and proggy,” for a while now. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer till we hear a new song from the album.