Members of Intronaut, The Contortionist, Wings Denied and more partaking in The Brian Shields Memorial Grant

Posted by on March 19, 2015

brian shields memorial grantEarlier this year, Heavy Blog Is Heavy contributor and weekend editor Brian Shields passed away. He played a major role in helping support and champion new talent. That’s why in honor of his memory, Heavy Blog Is Heavy is launching the Brian Shields Memorial Grant, a crowd funding campaign to help unsigned and lesser known bands go on tour across North America.

In collaboration with Zach Dresher and Alec Kossoff from Wings Denied, the Grant essentially aims to allocate money raised via an IndiGoGo campaign to two unsigned bands in an effort to help them with the financial obstacles of touring.  Once the crowd-funding campaign is complete, a selection committee featuring members of Intronaut, The Contortionist, Abiotic and others will the top 10 bands from submissions to Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Then those top 10 will then be voted upon by Heavy Blog readers, and the top two will win the $2,500 grants.

To find out more and to contribute, head over to IndiGoGo.

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