Suite 666? Iron Maiden’s London Hotel Opens

Posted by on May 8, 2009

0506travel-179x12011Looking for a place to crash when in London, but don’t want to compromise your metal lifestyle? Now you can stay at central London’s Sanctum Soho. Owned by Iron Maiden co-manager Mark Fuller, the 30-room hotel is open for business, but according to a writer for the New York Times, it might not be worth all the hype:

But the real problem is that the hotel looks cheap. Maybe it was the diamante-studded door handles or the custard and rhubarb walls, the copper booths and red velvet chairs in Sanctum’s No. 20 Bar and Restaurant that had me thinking, “Two years of remodeling and this is rock-star luxury?” Some of the suites have white or black Rococo-inspired furniture that appears plastic, uninviting and uncomfortable. Other suites, most costing upwards of £350 per night, are dressed in gaudy mirror tiles and windows covered with curlicue decals for privacy.

The real killer might be the price, though. Most suites cost more than $530/night, and even the “Crash Pad” rooms, which the Times described as “slightly larger than a king-size bed,” cost over $250/night, which is actually semi affordable for London.

While Fuller has stated that the Sanctum Soho has “nothing to do with Iron Maiden,” that doesn’t mean that Maiden fans with fat wallets won’t go there looking for Eddie. And because we can’t think of a better way to end this, we’ll go with some Maiden hotel-related puns. You got any? Here’s ours:

  • Prices High
  • Hallowed be Thy Room
  • Re VALET tions
  • I Can’t Pay, It’s Madness!

Yeah, we give up.

[The Moment via Idolator]


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