Jinjer’s Eugene Abdukhanov’s Top Six Albums of the Decade (2010-2019)

Posted by on January 8, 2020


2019 was a phenomenal year for Jinjer. Especially with their new album, Macro. You can see a massive shift in the band towards the end of the decade as they went from booking their first-ever North American tour to their first-ever headlining trek within two years. We are looking forward to seeing where they’re headed in the 2020s. We got to know more about bassist Eugene Abdukhanov as he shared his favorite six metal albums in the decade (2010-2019). 


These are the top six albums of this decade for me… the order is spontaneous, I do not put one over another and it is really hard for me to say which one stands out or vice versa. 


01) Katatonia, The Fall of Hearts (2016)

To some extent this is the record which restored my passion for new music and albums. At some point I just stopped listening to music at all among all these endless tours and all of a sudden I heard Takeover song! Damn, the record didn’t leave my playlist for a year or so. I love everything about it, the vibe and atmosphere, sound, musically this is a perfect example of what real progressive metal should be at our times




02) Meshuggah, The Violent Sleep of Reason (2016) 

The best album by one of my favorite bands. A perfect example of how the band which stays on top for decades manages to overcome all their previous works and bring something new to the table remaining within quite a narrow genre which they created themselves! A real masterpiece! 





03) Gojira, L’Enfant Sauvage (2012)

My number three in Gojira’s discography and and their best album in the 2010s. Songs like the “Gift of Guilt” and “Born in Winter” are maybe my favorite songs by Gojira. Wonderful album which I love to rediscover from time to time and every time open something new. On top of everything, this record predetermined the direction for the whole extreme music for 10 years to come …. suddenly everyone started using pick scratch and just ripping off the mighty Gojira 





04) Carbomb, Mordial (2019)

The album through which I got to know this fantastic band and which is definitely now one of my favorite records ever. This Meshuggish flavor mixed with something absolutely unique is for sure an explosive substance, plus this true hardcore vibe! I cannot wait to see them live by the way






05) Jemiroquai, Automaton (2017)

The latest release of one of my favorite non-metal musicians. I love this music, and there is no reason for a real love! A perfect album for driving on a sunny Sunday morning 







06) Twelve Foot Ninja, Silent Machine (2012)

A very very special album by one of my favorites! I remember that 2012 very well, I just joined JINJER and we were making Inhale. Do not Breathe EP… quite a hard time for me as a musician as I was trying to find, let’s say, a comfortable place on a new couch. And this record, we loved it all in the band, it was important for me to find a common thing with the others, and also this band and their music once again persuaded me that sticking to one solid genre in 2010s is definitely outdated.









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