New York metal/hardcore outfit All Out War spent a decent amount of 2019 celebrating the arrival of their new album Crawl Among the Filth, which arrived in July via Unbeaten Records. Between thrash to hardcore, we were curious what their overall taste in music is as frontman Mike Score shared his Top 5 albums of the decade (2010-2019). 

Thank you Metal Insider for asking me to compile this list. Narrowing it down to five was extremely difficult as this past decade was extremely good for metal. I did my best, and I’m sure if asked on a different day I would change some things. Here is what I came up in no particular order.


Triptykon, Eparistera Daimones (2010)

Tom G. Warrior finished up where he left off with Monotheist with Eparistera Daimones and I am thankful for it. Being a Celtic Frost super fan, this was a highlight of the decade for me. Haunting melancholy songs, thick riffs, and a raw sound makes it the perfect follow up to Monotheist while also showing growth and avoiding the trappings of being a carbon copy. Warrior seems to delve deeper into the darkness on this one and it certainly pays off. Esparista Daimones proves that into the 2010s, Tom G. Warrior still reigns as one of the elites in the metal world.


Watain, Lawless Darkness (2010)

Another release from 2010, Lawless Darkness makes my top five of the decade. Probably their best sounding record before 2017s Trident Wolf Eclipse, this one adds another element to the ferocious filth Watain is known for. Lawless Darkness brings in elements of early Sodom and Kreator and meshes these elements with traditional black metal to make this one truly stand out. The record captures all that is vile and dangerous about Watain’s music and pushes it up a notch. Lawless Darkness resonates as not only one of the top Black Metal records of the decade, but also one of the best in the metal genre as a whole.


Pig Destroyer, Book Burner (2012)

Pig Destroyer’s Book Burner is another highlight of the decade. This one is the embodiment of sonic aggression delivered with precision in a sea of chaos. Short songs that hit like a ten ton hammer that leave devastation in their wake. Book Burner combines the barbaric with the cerebral and that’s what truly brings this one to another level. This one is abrasive, ugly, and beautifully savage. Book Burner is a true standout of the decade.


Gorguts, Colored Sands (2013)

Gorguts returned in 2013 after a long layoff and they did not fail to deliver. While some may have been disappointed with the somewhat less technical aspects of Colored Sands, compared to their earlier output, the band still delivers the dissonant guitar work present on previous efforts while putting a different spin on the overall approach. Unpredictable song structures layered with crushing soundscapes makes for a devastating combination. Colored Sands is an atmospheric masterpiece that truly cements its place as one of the best releases over the past ten years.


Behemoth, The Satanist (2014)

Behemoth’s return after Nergal’s unfortunate bout with Leukemia and what a return it was. Equal parts sinister and brutal this one is about as close to perfection as you can get. The Satanist sees Behemoth ascending beyond their previous releases and put them in the realm of the metal elite. Horror inducing riffs, evil slowed down segments, and blast beats collide with dramatic song structures that make a lasting impact on the listener. Already being a huge Behemoth fan before this release, The Satanist only confirmed the bands position as one of my all time favorites.