Tom Morello and Rage Against The Machine are no strangers to politics. In fact, if Ted Nugent is on the far right, then Rage Against The Machine would be miles away on the left. That’s why it shouldn’t be all that surprising that he’s not too pleased that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has been supposedly using RATM’s “Sleep Now In The Fire” as a music bed for his radio show.

And Morello has made his disapproval very clear by tweeting the following:

“To Rush Limbaugh: Hey Jackass, stop using our music on your racist, misogynist, right wing clown show. Sincerely, Rage Against The Machine”

This comes right around the same time that artists like Rush have demanded their music to be removed from Limbaugh’s program following his controversial remarks. However, we have a feeling that Morello would be pissed off about Limbaugh using any of his songs scandal or not. In fact, the most surprising thing about all of this is that Limbaugh even used a song from Rage Against The Machine in the first place. Seriously, hasn’t he seen the video for “Sleep Now In The Fire” (directed by ultra-liberal Michael Moore)?