The djentstick – officially a thing now

Posted by on February 6, 2014


Remember a few weeks ago when some kid invented the ‘djentstick,’ a one-string instrument on a stick perfect for playing along to After the Burial songs? Apparently, it’s a real thing now. Gear Gods were at NAMM, where they found “The Noodle.” It’s not exactly the djentstick, or the motograter, for that matter. What it is, is pretty much is an “electric percussion stick,” made by the company Slaperoo Percussion. At NAMM, inventor Andy Graham referred to it as “a bass for drummers,” and proceeded to demonstrate it. To us, it just sounds like the theme to Seinfeld, but what do we know, we’re not electric percussionists. You can pick up a Noodle for only $249, but if you want the larger one, also demonstrated in the video, you’ll have to shell out $599. Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish is listed as someone that uses one. If you wanna watch the O.G., we’ve attached that as well.


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