Behold the ‘Djentstick’

Posted by on January 9, 2014


Maybe Motograter were on to something. YouTube user Miguel Yepez uploaded a video of him playing along to After the Burial’s “A Wolf Amongst Ravens” with a homemade instrument that he refers to as the “Djentstick.” What’s the Djentstick, you might ask? It’s a one-stringed fretless instrument consisting of an active EMG91 pickup through a Line 6 Pod XT. More simply, it’s a string and a piece of wood. And it sounds pretty damn good, considering that it’s a string and a piece of wood. As The Circle Pit, where we heard about this, says:

These are professional records, played by professional musicians, and they can be reproduced on a stick with a string. Kinda sad. Even worse is the sound of the stickman’s setup. He’s playing a piece of leftover wood strung with one string, with the oft shit-talked emg 85 pickup, about 100 bucks brand new, through a pod xt, which is I dunno a hundred bucks or so and he’s tonally reaching the standard that people claim to need 5000$ custom shop guitars and 2500$ Axe FX systems for. What does that say about the prices of and consumer snobbiness surrounding these high priced pieces of gear? I dunno, you tell me.

It’s pretty amazing that this guy can duplicate the djent sound so easily, and whether he’s doing it to take the piss out of gearheads or just because he’s innovative enough to have created a custom instrument, it doesn’t matter. Because in 10 days, the Djentstick video has nearly 80,000 views, while the After The Burial song that it’s a cover of has amassed 350,000 in two months. So get ready for 2014 to be the year of “djentstickore,” a whole new subgenre of djent.

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