kissYou wanted the best, now pay me! Remember when the iPhone app store launched, and that cool “virtual Zippo” app that made your iPhone look like a lighter came out? That was pretty awesome, mainly because it was free. 

Well now KISS is looking to exploit that trend, and have come out with their own version of a virtual lighter by partnering with a company called Spark of Blue. I’m sure that the app is “hotter than hell,” and you could set “heaven on fire,” and then you’ll need to call a “firehouse.” I could keep going with the KISS puns, but instead I’ll just mention that this is a 99 cent application.

Yes, by slapping their logo on Zippo’s version, they’re charging money for something you can get for free. We’re shocked that KISS would cheapen their staunch anti-commercial, no-sellout image. Spark of Blue isn’t done yet, either. The company has plans to unveil virtual lighters from The Who, Poison, and Lil Wayne. If you’re a flaming KISS fan, you can download the app here.