METALOCALYPSTICK is a metal fest for female metalheads

Posted by on March 14, 2017

At only a year old, METALOCALYPSTICK, which sounds more like a convoluted roller derby team name, is actually a metal festival featuring only bands that celebrate female members. The festival organizers have just released the first batch of bands scheduled to play the 2-day fest’s sophomore year in Valemount, B.C., Canada, which is about 7 hours northeast of Vancouver.

Tessitura, Körperlose Stimme, Meteor Tree, Scythia, Hedks, Forsaken Rite, and Remnants have all be slated to play the sophomore year of fest with more to be announced. Last years lineup included acts like Nervosa, Violent Betty, and Mortillery. Organizers say that the 2017 fest will have over 18 bands.

Supporting independent festivals, particularly ones promoting a positive theme like METALOCALYPSTICK does, is a necessity in today’s culture of corporate festivals with the same 7 bands.  This is a great opportunity to discover female metal musicians who are more than just corsets and fishnets, although if that is what they want to wear that is fine.  No judgment.

Early bird tickets are $84.26 and includes 3 days of camping in the mountains and FREE BEER!  Last year a portion of the proceeds went to charity.

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