So this is out of the way, Fall is definitely the most metal of the four seasons. Trees become colorful as they die, Halloween happens, and it becomes the perfect weather for wearing a black hoodie. However, Etsy shop MASSblack might make Summer give Fall and Winter a run for its money (sorry Spring, you’re out) with their pentagram bikini and one-piece bathing suits. Described as “for the slightly satanic fire-and-brimstone fashionista,” these are perfect for burning a pentagram in your chest, because face it, what’s hotter than that? This is definitely the metal accessory of the summer. The bikini is $55 and the one piece is  $69 (uh, huh huh), but there’s a sale today that’ll get you $10 off. If there’s one slight complaint, it’s that metal and goth girls usually hate the sun. Regardless get your satanic swimwear on Etsy or on their own site. Check out the one-piece after the jump.

[Dangerous Minds via Nerdcore]