Metallica To Sell Their Very Own Christmas Sweaters

Posted by on September 19, 2013

metallicasweaterWe cannot even begin to count the number of puns worthy of the news that Metallica will let you purchase their very own Christmas sweater come holiday season 2013. Mind you, we’ll still usher in our top three in the following lines.

Metallica, or their marketing team, announced via the band’s Facebook page that this holiday season, metalheads far and wide will have one more metal-worthy gift to add to their wish list: a Metallica-themed Christmas sweater! There will be two versions of the cozy christmas clothing – a “Scary Sweater” as well as a “Master Sweater” – and both will be available via the official Metallica store shortly. Whichever way you decide, in about three months, nothing else sweaters. No official word is out yet on what sizes the sweaters will be available in, but we should strongly assume that there will be one to fit Hetfield as well as one to fit Ulrich, whom we recently crowned one of our Top 5 shortest rock stars.

The idea isn’t entirely new though, Slayer had the same strategy a year ago. But in addition to their 3D film Metallica Through The Never which will be opening nationwide next week, the metal legends might have decided early for whom the jingle bell tolls this holiday season – or, even more likely, cash registers everywhere. Granted, Metallica didn’t really need any more confirmation that many of their fans enjoy Christmas after the insane light show a fan made last year.

Reactions on Facebook so far have been pretty torn between calling the band “sellouts” (because they use a spiritual holiday for a commercial purpose – yeah, unlike any other band or brand out there) and placing a mental order already. What is your take on things, will you buy a sweater, enter Santa?

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