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Posted by on September 15, 2021

Founded by Anthony Pacheco (simpl.) and Chelsea Coronin (Famined Records), Kontrolla Music Group was born with a simple idea in mind: to break ranks and offer musicians more artist-centric deals. With Kontrolla, artists don’t have to part ways with their masters, nor will they be left to their own devices when it comes to planning, organizing and releasing a record. Kontrolla will provide distribution, funding and marketing, all in house, to give artists guidance, structure, services and combined decades of experience in the music industry.

Kontrolla Music Group is Powered by Vydia, an end-to-end music technology platform that provides labels with the infrastructure and tools to power their business. With a full suite of services, Vydia offers supply chain, global distribution, analytics, rights management, payments, detailed revenue reporting, and marketing. Vydia is a premium partner of leading digital service providers such as Spotify, Apple, TikTok, Vevo, YouTube, and Facebook. Combining innovative technology with industry expertise, Vydia is distribution re-imagined.

Kontrolla Music Group’s first release comes from Australia/Russia post-hardcore outfit Valiant Hearts, who will unveil their  new single “Elevated Being” on Friday (17th).


Valiant Hearts


Coronin comments on the launch:  

“At surface level, it’s easy, in this industry, to find people who share the same values, who don’t consider artists a means to an end, or who aren’t in it for the money and the fame. But the more time you spend with them, the more you may find out that’s not always the case. With Anthony, that’s never been an issue, ever since we met – and Kontrolla showcases just that. It fell into place so quickly, we almost had to scramble to make sure we’d meet deadlines. It was born with the goal to offer artists freedom, and support that they will want to come back to. Because we believe in them, and what we do, regardless of how big or small the artist is. If we vibe with it, we work with it. And we can’t wait to show this to the world.”


Look out for the new Valiant Hearts song this Friday. In the meantime, here’s more information about the founders of Kontrolla Music Group: 

Anthony Pacheco has consistently been able to push the envelope when it comes to artist development and marketing strategy. Anthony’s perspective on the industry has helped both developing and established artists get to where they want to be. Anthony has worked releases through Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and others, and is ecstatic to bring these experiences to the indie world. When Anthony isn’t marketing an artist, TikTok is where you can find the gospel of music marketing being shared amongst 30k+ individuals.


Chelsea Coronin has owned and operated independent record label Famined 

Records. The label has been home to various alternative artists such as The Afterimage, Speaking with Ghosts, Time the Valuator and more. Chelsea’s drive for developing artists has led to some amazing accomplishments across her roster, such as upstreaming to bigger labels/deals, securing editorial placements on DSPs and more. With millions of streams and hundreds of releases under her belt, Chelsea has an ear for good music and knows how to bridge the gap between the artist, the fan, and the team.

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