revolver_logoEarlier today we reported on Aaron Turner of ISIS and his comments on Revolver’s inaugural Golden Gods Awards, as well as our own thoughts on the event. Revolver Editor In Chief Tom Beaujour was nice enough to take some time out of his day and respond:

I’m sorry that Aaron was so disappointed by our awards show. Because of the rapidity with which he and his band accepted our invitation to attend, we fully expected that he would have enjoyed himself more than he did.

Revolver never represented that the winners were selected by a voting process. This may change in the future as we recognize that it has caused some frustration with the readers and fans. No decision has yet been made.

Given the degree of hostility that our detractors in the blogosphere harbor for us, I honestly can’t imagine that changing the winner selection process would do much to satisfy them.

Ultimately, you can’t slag Revolver too much. A metal awards show of this scale has never been done in the US, so it will naturally have its growing pains. Revolver is a quality publication run by very bright and well-intentioned people, and we expect the show to evolve into something that will please the crowds while still having the dignity and substance our beloved genre deserves.