This certainly has been one wacky week for Slipknot fans. First, Joey Jordison confirms that the band will record a new album. Then Corey Taylor shoots down those reports and claims that no new music is in the works. Well, maybe it’s only a new album that’s out of the question, because it appears that the band will indeed return to the stage soon. This morning, Slipknot confirmed that they will be performing at the Sonisphere series of European Festivals this coming Summer. This will also include an exclusive U.K. appearance at Knebworth, set to take place on July 8-10, 2011.

Adding more legitimacy to the news is that the statement confirming this is from the band/their PR and not just one member. The statement reads as follows:

“We’re looking forward to spending our summer in Europe. This tour is about us and our fans. It’s about celebrating the life of our brother, [late Slipknot bassist] Paul [Gray], and his legacy. The door is neither open nor closed. This tour is about burning down that door. See you this summer.”

Though Taylor’s tweets yesterday may seem to contradict this announcement, he did admit that Slipknot performing live soon was possible. Either way, all of this confusion needs to stop. Whether Slipknot decides to record, perform, do both or do neither, all the band members need to sit down and come to a mutual agreement, or at least agree to not say anything until they feel ready to talk about the band’s future. As Metal Injection put it, “Get it together guys! You have very passionate fans and it’s not fair to them to constantly sway their emotions in different directions.” We’ll keep you updated when more is revealed, or until one band member denies this report.

UPDATE: Despite previous contradiction within the Slipknot camp, their touring plans appear to be legit as they have been confirmed by Taylor via Twitter. The band has also announced an additional appearance at this Summer’s Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgum on June 24-26, but

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