Weren’t too fond of seeing Steven Tyler appearing as a judge on American Idol for the past two years? Then you probably won’t find what the Aerosmith frontman did on the show yesterday (31) all that amusing. On last night’s episode, Tyler (who left the show last year) made a surprise cameo… in drag.

Going under the disguise of “Pepper LaBeija,” Tyler wore a blonde wig and a stuffed bra to prank the current judges of American Idol. Laughs were had by all on set, with Tyler then wishing the new judges the best of luck before leaving. Nothing against seeing Tyler in drag (he wears female clothing most of the time anyway), but him not singing “Dude Looks Like A Lady” for the judges was a missed opportunity.

Watch Tyler’s drag cameo for yourself in the video after the jump.


[via People and Blabbermouth]