Danzig Has A Twist Of “Can’t” At Minneapolis Club

Posted by on November 11, 2010

Glenn Danzig is a pretty short guy, so his excuse for pulling out of a show Tuesday night at The Cabooze in Minneapolis doesn’t really seem all that legit. According to the Minneapolis City Pages, he told the  venue that the ceiling wasn’t high enough, and cancelled the show before the doors even opened at the venue. The venue’s Michelle Metz says that as soon as he was picked up at noon and taken to the venue, he was in a bad mood, “then it just went from bad to worse, idle threats, and then finally he just said ‘fuck it, I’m outta here.'” The venue issued refunds to everyone that bought tickets, and says that at the end of the day, they lost several thousand dollars on the malcontent Misfit. An e-mail to the band’s label hadn’t been returned at press time. While it’s unfortunate for The Cabooze (almost as unfortunate as a place named ‘The Cabooze’), at least the City Pages made the rad photoshop to your right.

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