It’s taken almost two years for the popular European music subscription service to make its way over the Atlantic Ocean. However, according to the New York Post, Spotify is finally close to making its U.S. debut. Though there’s no confirmation on when it will launch, the paper reports that the only deal left to be made is with Sony, which apparently is only days away from happening.

For a while, the thing that was delaying Spotify’s launch in the U.S. was that they were unable to come to an agreement with the record companies. The major labels’ concerns stemmed from Spotify’s original model, which allows users stream unlimited music with a free account but with advertising if they didn’t want to pay $10 a month for the service without ads. While it’s always possible that the launch can be delayed again (not the first time), the fact that Spotify has reportedly come to an agreement with a majority of the big labels is a good sign indeed. With the free model, it will cost nothing to stream music to your laptop, but it’ll cost you for any portable devices.

We will keep you informed when more is revealed.