Spotify has been gaining a strong following in the U.S. since its stateside debut back in July. Now, though, Century Media Records isn’t the only metal label not showing the streaming  service any love.

This past week, Metal Blade Records removed the remainder of their titles from Spotify. The label had started this process in Europe a few months back, while a few titles appeared on Spotify in the U.S. up until now. This includes releases from Cannibal Corpse, Job For A Cowboy, GWAR, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, King Diamond, Unearth, and many others (including Slayer’s first two albums released via Metal Blade).

Digital Music News took the time to actually cross-reference every band on Metal Blade’s roster (past and present) to see who was still on Spotify. Three of Armored Saint’s titles were the only ones not wiped out, partly due to them being joint released by Capitol Records. It’s currently unclear, though, whether Metal Blade’s pull out includes titles from their imprint labels.

At the moment, Metal Blade Records have not released a statement about their decision to pull out of Spotify completely. And the chances are a press release addressing the topic will never come out because…well, look how well it turned out for Century Media. We do know, though, how one particular artist on Metal Blade’s roster feels about Spotify and Century Media’s response.