Indie Labels Going After LimeWire For $5 Million

Posted by on July 18, 2011

Thought that LimeWire was going to be left alone to die peacefully after the RIAA received their $105 million settlement? Well now the indie labels want their share. In this latest episode of As The Lime Turns, a group of indie labels being represented by Merlin are suing the torrent file sharing site for $5 million. According to Merlin’s filed complaint, not only did indie labels not receive anything from the $105 million settlement, but they also only found out about the major labels’ deal with LimeWire through media reports. This new lawsuit comes shortly after music publishers, with tie-ins with major label groups, won their own separate case against LimeWire.

It’s sad enough that indie labels were informed about the RIAA’s settlement the same way the average reader were. Yet it’s even more depressing to hear that all they’re asking for is $5 million. That’s a huge difference between what the major labels received (which was also considerably less than their original asking price), and even publishers reportedly received around $11 million. Granted, at this point LimeWire might not have anything left to give. Nonetheless, it’s certainly little consolation for indie labels.

[via Digital Music News]

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