Facebook Integrates A “Listen” Button On Band’s Timeline

Posted by on April 18, 2012

Facebook has made “liking” something as easy as clicking a box. Now the social network is applying the same principle to music listening. Facebook has just introduced a new “listen” button, located conveniently next to the “like” button on band’s pages. One click will instantly play music by said artist on Spotify or any other streaming services that are apart of Facebook’s music integration.

Obviously, this new feature benefits Facebook and the streaming services (ok, who are we kidding? Spotify) a great deal. Plus, it makes it a lot easier for users to listen to music. As Lambgoat points out, though, this is bad news for artists apps. Music apps like BandPage, ReverbNation, and BandRX were already losing traffic following the implementation of Timeline. Now, with a new button that allows users to go straight to Spotify, artist apps are even more screwed. Although, considering that there are still many bands not on streaming services (both signed and unsigned), these apps still hold a purpose. Regardless, it’s clear to see that this new button has positive ramifications for some and negative consequences for others.

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