Would You Like A CD With That Pizza?

Posted by on November 30, 2010

Is this the future of selling music, or is this just a brilliant way to sell CDs to potheads in need of munchies? I’m going with the latter. MediaPost.com is reporting that Little Caesars Pizza is selling rap-rocker turned country bad boy Kid Rock’s new album Born Free for $10 in its restaurants nationwide. Stuart deGeus, the Detroit-based pizza chain’s vice president of marketing, had the following to say about the cross promotion:

“Pizza is a fun food and giving our diverse customers an opportunity to combine it with this new music release makes sense. Kid Rock’s albums are chart-toppers and this offering can help drive traffic to our stores.”

At first glance, this sounds like a truly silly idea…ok so maybe it is still remarkably ridiculous. But it’s pretty much the same thing as buying a CD from Starbucks or a food store, which people apparently do. So selling your album through a pizza chain isn’t the most honorable thing for an artist to do, but considering who makes up a majority of Kid Rock’s audience, it’s not an awful marketing plan that’ll surely help sell a few albums.

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