coalesce-cover-2-200lvg060809Our pals at Noisecreep have a great interview with Don Clark, the fabulous artist behind Invisible Creature, guitarist for Demon Hunter, and art designer for Coalesce’s new masterpiece, OX. The album is worth owning for the packaging alone, featuring some of the most interesting and intricate art you’ll see today. Clark expands on the process:

“[Coalesce Vocalist Sean Ingram] really wanted to go all out in regards to the physical piece: die-cuts, embossing, metallic inks, spot varnishes, etc. and I was completely on board. Many labels are dumping unique packaging options in favor of creating the cheapest physical product they can. Luckily Relapse supported our effort and was very hands-on to guarantee this release would look the way we envisioned it.

Sean has made it clear that his life has been a journey and is always evolving with new challenges and inspirations. This artwork reflects the the journey we are on, which can look easy one day, and completely confusing the next. The star illustrations I created are there to represent that and the many facets of life, simple or chaotic.”

Check out our own interview with Coalesce’s Sean Ingram on the art behind OX as well as the many premium merch items sold with the album. I got my very own “stash box” this week, and I must tell you, it’s a far more civilized and luxurious way to keep your goodies safe.