Obituary Guitarist Unveils BBQ Sauce

Posted by on November 12, 2009

sauce_rib-liciousFINALObituary guitarist Trevor Peres has launched a line of BBQ sauce. “T Bone’s Famous Original Rib’Licious Bar-B-Que Sauce” is now available for purchase via his Web site. The sauce is described as having “a sweet and tangy flavor with a blend of mild spices and a hint of hickory smoke.” Sounds good to us!

“My nickname came from the band Agnostic Front on our tour together back in 1992,” Peres elaborates on the site. “Ever since then everyone has called me T-Bone. The passion for cookin’ began when I was a child in Jacksonville, Florida, with my grandpa John Landregan, who was a cook in the U.S. Navy. He was always cookin’ up somethin’ good in the kitchen. Naturally, this gave me the desire to learn. After a few years in the kitchen, I turned to the great outdoors and started to bar-b-que. In Florida, we bar-b-que all year round from sun up to sun down. After perfectin’ the art of smokin’ ribs and pork shoulder, I decided that I needed to come up with my own dippin’ sauces and dry rubs. In this bottle you will taste the passion for cookin’ that started with my papa John many years ago. I hope you enjoy T-Bone’s Famous ‘Original Rib’Licious Bar-B-Que Sauce.’

Peres plans on releasing additional flavors Spicy Rib Rub, Sweet Chicken Rub and Spicy Hot Bar-B-Que in the coming weeks. Sounds like just the thing to slather on something you just chopped in half. But we think he’s missing out on a branding opportunity here. Shouldn’t his Spicy BBQ offering be called Slowly We Hot? And why not team up with Mortician for a “Hacked Up For BBQ” sauce?

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